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Water Skiing

Water Ski

Paula and I first became interested in water skiing in 1982.  We had a Fisher Marine bass boat with a 40 HP engine.  That is the boat we learned to ski behind.  It would take quite a long time for the boat to get up to speed.  We decided to trade the boat in for what we though was a real ski boat.  We had a lot to learn.

We purchased a new 85hp Bayliner.  It was a big improvement, but soon our ability exceeded the boats ability.  We thought if we just had another 40 hp we could really have fun.  We still had a lot to learn.

We purchased a new 125 hp Bayliner.  We were soon "out skiing" the capabilities of the Bayliner.  By we, I mean Kevin.  We were very proud of his slalom skiing.  Kevin was getting pointers from the older guys on the ski team but many of the suggestions were contradictory.  Paula and I thought Kevin could maybe be a champion in slalom so we decided to send him to a ski school.  We looked through our water ski magazines looking for the right ski school.  The Bill Peterson Water Ski School stood out above all the rest.  He had coached past and current champions.  Paula, Sharon, and Nathan took Kevin down to Orlando to attend the ski school.  Looking back, Kevin was probably too young, at the age of nine, to attend the school.  The older kids (who were old enough to drive) teased him, but Kevin got even with them by the end of the week.  I am hoping Kevin will write down some of his memories in the future.  When Kevin came home, he told me that we needed a different boat and he needed a different ski.  Water skiing was becoming an expensive sport.  At the advise of our nine year old, we bought a 1987 Ski Nautique 2001.  We now had a real ski boat.  We were getting smarter.

to be continued