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Hunting Pheasants

Kyle was home on leave from the Navy.  Kyle, Mark, Paula and I took this opportunity to go pheasant hunting at Thornbottom which is around Grover Hill Ohio.  We shot 9 pheasants.  It was fun watching the dogs work.  Watching the dogs come to point was quite the adrenalin rush.  We would walk up to the dogs knowing their was a pheasant somewhere between the three dogs.  The flushing pheasant always seemed to surprise us even though we knew it was there.  Below is a short slide show.  The score when we finished was: Kyle 3; Paula 2; Mark 2; Denny 1.  Kyle and Paula split one since it was to close to call.

ann  pulling the other pheasant out
ann  pulling the pheasants out
denny  mark
denny hunting
denny taking a break
great hunting at thorn bottom
kyle  ann from thorn bottom hunting
kyle  mark
mark  denny
mark zizelman hunting
notice left one of the dogs in the group
our nine pheasants for the day
paula with pheasant bagged
rough wet and muddy
thorn bottom hunting near grover hill ohio
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