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Diving the Virgin Islands - Jan 2012

Paula and I had the opportunity to dive the Virgin Islands in January aboard the sailboat Juliet.

airplane st thomas
Copy of aargggghhh
denny paula st thomas view
denny paula st thomas view2
denny pirate lady
denny pirate lady 3
looking over st thomas
paula pirate
paula pirate 2
st thomas view
st thomas view 3
st thomas view 9
st thomas view5
st thomas view6
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We prefer diving the U.S.. Virgin Islands but we were only able to dive just a few dives there.  We did manage to dive the Whitshoal, an LST.  We are always humbled to dive this shio since Paula's father served on a LSI during WWII. 


whitshoal antiaircraft gun turret
Whitshoal railings and bollards
witshoal  lifeboat davit Will Juliet Cook
witshoal 2
witshoal crawler crane
witshoal denny open stern deck
witshoal II 1
witshoal map
witshoal open stern deck
witshoal wheelhouse
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Paula and I were disappointed we din't sail to St. Croix to dive the Frederiksted Pier.  It is one of the best dives in the Virgin Islands.That evening, we crossed over to the British Virgin Islands.  We circled an area for several hours before Captain Rudy anchored.  We were able to dive the Rhone and a couple of other wrecks.

Bollards rhone
rhone cannon
rhone crowsnest
rhone groupers
rhone port hole
rhone reef
rhone sponges
rhone squirrel
rhone tube sponge
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The rest were reef dives.  The condition of the reefs in the British Virgin Islands was not near a good as the US Virgin Islands.  Paula and I did one night dive and were talked out of the rest.  We were told that we were the only two who wanted to do the night dive, then we heard one of the crew telling another pair that they were the only one that wanted to do the night dive. 

The Wreck of the Cartanza

Cartanza blue tang night
Cartanza Senora night
Cartanza spincy urchin night
Cartanza sponge night
Cartanza stingray 2 night
Cartanza stingray night
Cartanza tube sponge brain coral night
Cartanza turtle 2 night
Cartanza turtle 3 night
Cartanza turtle night
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Overall we had a good time.  It did not compare though to the trip we had with Captain Brandon a couple of years before.  Our first trip to the Virgin Islands with Captain John was also great.