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January 2011 Cozumel Dive Trip

Denny and I traveled to Cozumel on Delta airlines leaving from Ft. Wayne and connecting through Atlanta.· The flights were uneventful.· The best kind.· We booked our trip with Al from Bay Adventures.· We stayed at Hotel Cozumel and did our diving with Dive Paradise.· The dive operation is top notch and the hotel is very clean with many activities offered every day.· We enjoyed sitting by the pool and drinking the local drinks, which for us was coconut rum/diet coke.·We did an all inclusive and the food at the Hotel·was fine but not exceptional.· We enjoyed the made to order omletes and breakfast the most.· We did walk downtown and had dinner out on two of the nights.· We enjoyed the atmosphere at Jimmy Buffet's Margariteville.· The other night we went to Poncho's Garden.· We ate there back in 2005 with Bart & Jaki.· We had a rental car and drove all the way around the island stopping at Mayan Ruins, the Tequila·factory and the beautiful·beach along the ocean coastline.· I negotiated some good prices on·Black coral jewelry and·we brought several bottles of 100% Agave Tequila home with us.·

We arrived in Cozumel on Saturday, January 22, 2011.· We did our first dive at 0830 on Sunday morning.· We did 5 days of 2-tank morning dives and four afternoon dives.· We enjoyed several dive sites, Tormentos, Columbia (deep & shallow), Villa Blanca Wall, Palancar Gardens and the C-53 wreck.· We saw seahorses, turtles, stingrays, an electric ray, juvenile drum fish, green &·gray spotted moray eels, queen, gray and french angelfish, grouper, lionfish, cozumel toadfish, and octopus, eagle rays, crabs, nurse sharks, juvenile lionfish, arrowcrabs, scrawled triggerfish, cowfish and a pie fish (seahorse family).· I especialy enjoyed the swim throughs and the C-53 wreck.· We also saw the Atlantis submarine·while we were diving.·

Cozumel is on our list of diving places that we would like to go back to.

angel fish french
angel fish gray
angel fish queen
angel fish queen 2
angel fish queen 3
angel fish queen gray
arrow crab
c-53 denny
c-53 denny 2
c-53 wreck
c-53 wreck 2
coney denny
cozumel lighthouse
denny fish
eel  coney fish
flamingo tongue
geen moray eel
honeycomb cow fish
hotel cozumel dive paradise
juvenile drum fish better
octopus 1
rock fish
seahorse 2
sharptail eel
spotted moray eel
spotted moray eel 2
star fish
swim through denny
turtle 2
white spotted filefish
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