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2010 Dry Tortugas

Dry Tortugas

Paula and I arrived at Key West on October 30th in the afternoon. ·We were transported to the SV Juliet by taxi. ·To our surprise the taxi driver was from Waterloo about 10 miles south of us. ·He told us about going to dances at Cold Springs and we told him that the dances still go on during the summer.

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When we boarded the Juliet we were greeted by familiar faces of John and Johnny. ·We were introduced to a new crew member, Alisha. · We introduced ourselves to several other passengers that were already there. ·Later Scott and Kathy returned to the boat from rent a car agency. ·Since the rest of the crew was several hours away, ·Scott, Kathy, Paula, and I decided to walk down Duvall Street during Fantasy Fest. ·I looked at Paula while we were walking down the street and said, "We're not in Indiana anymore!" ·We found the body painting and costumes very interesting.

We returned to the boat and soon the remainder of the crew arrived. ·Rudy, who we knew from a previous trip had been promoted to captain, and Emily, who served as divemaster.

We headed for the Dry Tortugas during the night. ·We woke to the smell of breakfast and hot coffee. ·We were barely done with breakfast when "dive briefing" was announced.

We were at a wreck called "The Windjammer". ·It was a great first dive. ·There was a lot of surge and a Goliath Grouper at the bow of the wreck named Fred.  ·The visibility was around 50 feet.

Dive 2: Davis Rock

Soon after entering the water, we saw a small Goliath Grouper under a ledge.· Trying to lead us away from the small grouper was a huge Goliath Grouper.· By huge, I actually mean HUGE.



We did·two dives on the Vandenburg Wreck.· We went to Fort Jefferson while we were in the Dry Tortugas and toured the Fort.· The history behind this fort is very interesting and made it one of the highlights of this trip.· One of my favorite dive sites was "Texas Rocks".· It reminded me of the walls in the Cayman's.· The special fish to me were the Golith Grouper, the Common Comet Star, the jackknife and·the pod of around 20 dolphins.