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July 2008 – Bahamas Trip on the Juliet

July 2008 – Bahamas Trip on the Juliet·

 Denny & I drove to Miamiin my VW Jetta diesel getting around 50 mph.· We left Miami on Saturday and crossed over to Bimini.· Our first dive was at “Bimini Road to Atlantis”.· The water temperature was 82 degrees.· Our crew was Captain John Beltramo, Aleka, Greg, Donnie and Eric.· The passengers/divers besides ourselves were Mike & Chris, Scott & Kathleen and John, Grace and their daughters, Rachael and Katie.· We had a great crew and a fantastic group of divers.· We did our next dive at Moray Alley and had a pod of dolphins visit us and stay for a while after this dive.· Several folks snorkeled with them.· We moved onto the Hesperus for the afternoon and night dives.· We saw a 3 – 4 foot nurse shark, many sting rays, and eel, lionfish and lots of blue stripped grunts.· We passed on the night dive but watched the turtles come in and up to the surface for air.·


On Monday we started our day at a site called, “Swiss Cheese” and did two dives there.· There are great swim throughs at this site.· We got pictures of Peterson shrimp, a gray spotted eel and french and gray angelfish.· This site is part of the Gingerbread Grounds.· We did our afternoon and night dive at LeLani.· There are many coral heads at this site which makes it easy to get lost.· I never have any trouble though because I just follow Denny!· We saw a somewhat rare to find orange filefish.· We also saw great arrow crab that would walk over your hand.· At night we saw lobster.· This was a great dive site on this day.


On Tuesday we did our first two dives at Wounded Knee.· This still in the Gingerbread Grounds.· This was a great dive site for us also.· We saw a variety of fish including Queen and gray angelfish, Remora, hogfish, Petersen shrimp, lobster, blue tang, trunkfish, four eyed butterfly fish – just· name a few.· At 2:30 PM we did our afternoon dive at Dark Star.· We went back to the Hesperus for the night dive.· There was a big loggerhead turtle that we got pictures of.·

On Wednesday morning we got a visit from a pod of dolphins before breakfast.· Denny snorkeled with them and got some video.· Our first dive of the day was at Lookout Point.· It was a wall dive.· I went to a 100 feet.· We saw some bigger fish.· Barracuda and parrot fish.· There were also some different looking grouper.· Our next dive was at The Strip where we had a highlight of our dives on this trip.· There were two seahorses.· One was black and the other one was yellow.· Denny found the black one and he marked the spot with his safety sausage so we could point them out to the rest of the divers.· Everyone got pictures of them.· There were trumpet fish and a porcupine fish.· This was a great dive for such a small dive site.· Our third dive that day was at Big Greenie.· This dive site is around the Turtle Rocks.· We could see the Sapona in the distance.· This was a great dive site.· We saw sea urchins under the ledge, small eels and a spotted drum.· ·

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We didn’t do a night dive and went into Bimini for a port night.· We had some drinks with John, Grace, Rachel and Katie at The End of The World bar and enjoyed walking around the island.· Katie and Rachel proved that you don’t have to be 21 to be served in Bimini.·


On Thursday, our last day of diving, we did a couple deeper dives.·We started out at Krispy Kreme and went down to 100 feet.· This is a wall dive and was very nice.· We went to the beach that they called the Honeymooners Beach.· I collected some sea shells to take home.· The next dive site was at Tuna Alley.· We went·through some very nice swim through and down to about 110 feet.· Our last dive and the 17th dive of the trip for us was at Bull Run.·There were 4 Caribbean Reef Sharks that entertained us and gave us many Kodak moments.· We saw a loggerhead in the distance and found arrow crabs and shrimp under a rock.

We returned to Miami that evening having made new friends and spending times with old friends through-out the week.· This was another great week on the Juliet.