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Cayman Aggressor

Cayman Aggressor IV - The best dive trip yet.  Capt. Tom Gebhardt and the rest of the crew provided us with a very memorable dive trip.  We arrived Saturday and made the trip that evening to Little Cayman.  Our first dive was at Randy's Gazebo.  The visibility was around 150 feet.  Dive master Randy showed us a lettuce leaf slug.  After two tanks we moved to Bus Stop.  We went through two tanks in the afternoon and one during a night dive.  Went through a giant swim through tunnel.  We spotted a queen Conch.  The reef fish were abundant. 

Monday morning we found ourselves at Three Fathom Wall.  The coral was magnificent.  Yellow and orange tubes, red cup sponges, red finger sponges and orange elephant ear sponges were breathtaking.  I had the opportunity to pet a grouper.  We moved to Eagle Ray Roundup.  Again the coral formations and fish life were great.  The high point for us was a school of squid that let us get very close.  We passed on the night dive since we were tired from a very active day.

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Tuesday morning we moved to Cayman Brac and the Capt. Keith Tibbets.  This was one of my favorite dives.  We penetrated the ship in areas that were filled with sunlight.  Two tanks later we were hungry and were treated to  Savio's gourmet cheeseburgers.  We returned to Little Cayman for the afternoon dive.  We went diving at a site called the Meadows.  A friendly grouper followed us around.  We again saw turtles and a lot of great looking coral.

Wednesday we started out at Lea Lea's Lookout.  The fish were everywhere.  We went through a giant coral tunnel and exited it around 110 feet.  Paula started having ear trouble and had to skip the second dive.  We moved to Joy's Joy in the afternoon.  We saw no unusual fish, just the usual raysgrouperssquirrel fish and others.   Paula and I took out the scooters.  They let us travel further from the boat that we would have normally went.  We ended up seeing one of the largest lobsters ever.  Wednesday  night we headed back to Grand Cayman.

Thursday, we woke up and were moored at a site called Babylon.   We saw black coral, gorgonia coral,  and red cup sponges.  Saw a couple of Hawk Bill turtles.  We then moved to Stingray City.  The stingrays were hungry and all over us.  I was surprised how smooth they are underneath and how rough they are on top.  Stingray City was a lot of fun.  We then moved to the Oro Verde.  We saw a lot of smaller groupers.  There were quite a few trumpet fish on the wreck.  We saw a large green moray eel.  We also found a large crab hiding under one of the ledges.  We did a night dive at the Oro Verde.  It was the best night dive of the trip.  The high point of the night dive was an octopus.   The green moray eel also graced us with an appearance.

Friday morning we moved to Big Tunnels.  We again saw turtles and large angel fish.  Paula's ears are starting to hurt her again.  We then moved to Devil's Grotto.  Paula was unable to dive so I joined Tad and Caroline.  I saw some tarpon and a lot of other reef fish. 

It was time to face reality.  The diving was over and so was the vacation.  The week we spent aboard the Cayman Aggressor IV was fantastic.  The Captain and Crew were first class, so were the accommodations.   The vacation was a eat sleep and dive.  Actually it was eat, dive, eat, dive, eat, dive, eat dive, eat, dive, and then sleep soundly.

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